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Great Selling Starts with Great Sales Training. Sales certification training makes a difference. Assess Your Sales Skill. Take our Free Sales Skill Assessment and Benchmark Your Skills. Certify Your Sales Force. Build a Sales Certification System that Best Fits Your Sales Organization.

The Power of Sales Skill Certification - Certified Sales Professionals Sell More

Our Sales Certification Programs are extremely effective in helping you reach or surpass your sales goals and objectives.

Sales certification begins by assessing current sales skills. Sales professionals must first know and then master the Five Critical Sales Skills that have the greatest impact on increasing.

Do you know your sales skill level? Are you satisfied with the ability of your sales force to win business and create loyal customers?

Our Free Benchmark Sales Skills Assessment is used to measure knowledge and every-day use of these key skills. This Benchmark Sales Assessment will pinpoint the exact selling skills that need improvement and provide reports and recommendations on how to improve. This information is part of the "Prepare" phase of the Sales Certification Timeline.

The Action Selling Sales Certification Timeline

The Action Selling Sales Certification Program improves sales behavior over an extended time period. The program includes the following phases:

Action Selling Sales Certification Timeline

This provides everyone who participates sufficient time, feedback and learning opportunities to master the sales skills that yield new levels of sales productivity.

Action Selling Certificate

Our research shows that sales people who become Action Selling Certified increase sales at a rate that is six times greater than those without training and...

Sales Force Certification

Our Free Benchmark Sales Skills Assessment is perfect for sales managers and sales force individuals who want to take a "taste test" and discover their selling skill level in using the Five Critical Sales Skills that are vital to the success of all sales relationships.

To document and measure current selling skill level and discover the potential value of improvement, take our Free Benchmark Sales Skills Assessment.

When complete the assessment, you may also want to build a Sales Certification Plan for your organization.